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2016 Delaware State University Homecoming Events!
Happy Hour • Alumni Legacy Celebration • Day Party • Black Alumni Affair
Let’s Celebrate Family!

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Over 10 years ago the “DSU Circle” was created as an affinity group designed as a vehicle to engage Delaware State University Alumni. Today that purpose is still its mission, and the organization’s growth and reach has increased exponentially. Formed around the concept of the “Circle”, the social epicenter of DSU’s Dover campus, the group is a reminder that Alumni ties extend past graduation. This family shares an academic, social, and emotional experience like no other. The spirit of the “DSU Circle” represents the unity of Alumni, attendees, friends and family of Delaware State University. The organization allows its members to stay connected with those emotions without having to be present on the physical location.  It is through this ongoing connection to the “DSU Circle” that DSU Alumni not only celebrate the relationships of the past; but are inspired to create new experiences by connecting to all generations of their alma mater. In addition to fostering this fellowship amongst Alumni, the “DSU Circle” offers an opportunity to strengthen the bond with the University and Alumni Association.

Today, the “DSU Circle” has grown to be the largest Alumni focused group supporting Delaware State University by bringing together thousands of DSU Alumni from across the nation. What first began as an event has blossomed into an experience spanning the entire weekend during homecoming. The “DSU Circle Homecoming Weekend” is now endorsed by the University and will feature a collaborated event during Saturday’s tailgating festivities. The movement created by the “DSU Circle,” has been so successfully engaging that it attracts attendance from non DSU Alumni from other universities. The “DSU Circle Homecoming Weekend” has evolved into the premier Alumni experience in the tri-state area as a celebration for all who have attended a Historically Black College or University.  The bond of DSU Alumni that originally was forged around that historical location on campus, the “Circle”, now lives on through the “DSU Circle” family.

2016 DSU Homecoming Weekend Events

THURSDAY • OCTOBER 13th • “Welcome Home” Happy Hour

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Thursday October 13th

Location: Bobbi Rhian’s Executive Lounge
302 N. Market S., Wilmington, DE 19801..
Time: 5:30-9:00pm.. Complimentary Buffet..

FRIDAY • OCTOBER 14th • “Legacy”

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  Celebrating 125 years of DSU! 
When: October 14th
Location: Martin Luther King Jr, Student Center
Time: 9:00PM- 1:00AM
This event will benefit  the DSUAA Legacy Scholarship
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SATURDAY • OCTOBER 15th • “Carpe Diem” Day Party

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CARPE DIEM: The Ultimate Alumni Day Party
When: Saturday, October 15th
DSU Main Campus (Next to Security Booth)
Time: 1PM-6PM

Powered by: DSU Circle, Star&Drama, DSU Institution of Advancement,
Congo Family, & Delaware State University Alumni Association..
Entertainment, Food, & MUCH MORE!!!

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SATURDAY • OCTOBER 15th • “2016 Black Alumni Affair”

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blackalumni(((THE BLACK ALUMNI AFFAIR)))
When: Saturday October 15th

Location: The DUNCAN CENTER, 500 Lockerman St. Dover, DE
Time: 10:30pm-3:00am…
MATURE DRESS CODE (((NO DENIM))) (((Absolutely No Athletic Wear)))

For pre-order tables contact: staranddrama@gmail.com or swatdog25@gmail.com
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